Squirtings from the Space Goose

Squirtings from the Space Goose

Where do dreams come from?

From the subconscious mind, trying to work through the day’s experiences and emotions? From spirits, angels or demons walking among us, attempting to communicate? From humanity’s collective unconscious, yielding ancient symbols and archetypes in new guises? Or from something much more natural, simple and straight forward – like a giant Space Goose, effusing streams of sensory shadow play into our nocturnal minds?

Taking care of Bill

dreamsPosted by Nick 15 Mar, 2012 10:32PM

Dream from tonight.

Bill Murray was standing in front of a mirror. He was pulling something from his eyes, like dead skin covering them. This caused his eyes to turn blood red around the irises. It somehow changed his personality, and he was now vindictively searching for some person to harm him. It was up to me to calm Bill down, and I lead him by the arm, taking him to see his friends. The only one I remember is Martin Short, but there were other actors and comedians too. His eyes turned gradually white again. This dream ended very positively, with Bill and I walking down the street with lots of other celebrities. Quite a few of them had died but were now alive again, which we were all very happy about.

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