Squirtings from the Space Goose

Squirtings from the Space Goose

Where do dreams come from?

From the subconscious mind, trying to work through the day’s experiences and emotions? From spirits, angels or demons walking among us, attempting to communicate? From humanity’s collective unconscious, yielding ancient symbols and archetypes in new guises? Or from something much more natural, simple and straight forward – like a giant Space Goose, effusing streams of sensory shadow play into our nocturnal minds?

Acrobatic levitation

dreamsPosted by Nick 25 Sep, 2011 04:53PM
The following is from 12 June 2010:

As is normal I had a lot of flying dreams growing up. That is to say, they were trying-to-fly, jumping-really-high, and falling dreams. Over the years I seem to have improved my flying skills, and for some time I've had more dreams where I actually fly, although I don't have flying dreams that often anymore.

Tonight I had a dream where I was standing in the street talking to some people and they mentioned somebody who could purportedly fly, and they were a little skeptical about this. It's actually not that hard, I said, and willed myself to levitate ten feet straight up in the air. Then I twirled around a little, keeping my body straight. While upside down, I made myself plummet straight down towards the ground. A slight feeling of fear as I neared the pavement, face first. But I stopped just in time, spun around and landed on my feet.

Next I wanted to fly up in the sky, but I hit a vast wooden ceiling instead. I broke through (with some hesitation about ruining the roof). It seemed then I heard from the people on the street that some group had built the ceiling to shut the sky out. Further up I hit another ceiling, and broke through it. I really wanted to reach the sky, but kept hitting wooden ceilings.

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