Squirtings from the Space Goose

Squirtings from the Space Goose

Where do dreams come from?

From the subconscious mind, trying to work through the day’s experiences and emotions? From spirits, angels or demons walking among us, attempting to communicate? From humanity’s collective unconscious, yielding ancient symbols and archetypes in new guises? Or from something much more natural, simple and straight forward – like a giant Space Goose, effusing streams of sensory shadow play into our nocturnal minds?

Gimme that old time Stygian

dreamsPosted by Nick 19 Nov, 2011 03:31PM
I dreamt a lot tonight, but only two distinct parts of the dream I remember well.

I was in a gloomy cellar. It seems I was there willingly. There were three doors, each one a doorway to Hell, very reminiscent of Clive Barker's Hellraiser (although these doors seemed to be there all the time). Like in Hellraiser, there were labyrinthine corridors on the other side. I can't remember being afraid.

The hallways to which the three doors lead all connected on the other side, so it didn't seem like it made a difference which of the doors one went through.

But at one point it became apparent that the middle door had to be opened. The door, or perhaps Hell itself, made this clear by turning the door invisible so that we (or I?) could see it leading down a corridor to another door. The middle door then was like a screen, zooming in on the other door, even zooming so far that this other door appeared bigger than natural and one could only see a part of it. Then the view panned down to the handle of that door, which was pink and rubbery and shaped like a smooth erect penis. (I associated this with the sexual depravity of Hellraiser, the whole pain/pleasure thing.)

The later part of the dream was quite different. It's strange to me now writing down these two passages, because they seem so related. But when I woke up, the connections didn't occur to me, they were just the two parts of the dream I remembered best.

I was on an open-air plaza of a gigantic structure, some sort of temple. It was daylight. There were two big buildings, one to each side, sort of like mosques. I think we were high above sea level, maybe on a mountain. Everything was of stone, seeming like sandstone.

A priest was there, my superior or someone of authority. We were to perform a ritual, maybe a summoning. Between us was a casket, maybe a little smaller than a human sized coffin. It was quite plain looking, maybe wooden, with a perfectly rounded lid. What was in it was of some importance, but I don't think I knew what it was, and maybe the revelation of the contents was part of the ritual.

It's not clear what we did as part of the ritual, but for each step, we somehow went higher up on a tower. Either the tower was already there, but I couldn't see anything higher up than the level I was on, or the tower appeared one level at a time. Each level was different, but made of stone.

When we were very high up, there was another casket there, exactly like the first one but much bigger. The priest and I were standing on each side of it. I'm not sure where the first one was now, but I think we had it with us the whole time. The level we were on consisted of not much else than this casket, in any event nothing to stand on except the floor directly underneath the casket — so we had to stand on our toes, tucking them under the casket, where there was a crack because of its four feet. I was deathly afraid to fall down; behind me there was no support, just a plunge hundreds of feet down.

I noticed then that we weren't on the very top of the tower. There was something even above us — a huge cross, or maybe even a crucifix or Christ figure.

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Diabolical business

dreamsPosted by Nick 18 Nov, 2011 12:29PM

A new dream, from two nights ago.

I was at work. There were some problems with the receptionists. I don't really remember much from this part of the dream.

Later I was told to see a guy, he was either some sort of boss or some sort of wiz kid at the company. They called him "Mr. L" [L being the name of the company]. He told me about a radical new technology they were developing. [I actually work at a software company.] They were mining for some rare material, and he showed me schematics of how they were drilling into certain rocks. These mines were now on the verge of collapse, so he told me they were going to go into the a new rock, next to the others.

He was now taking me into one of the current mines. It was a downward slope which after a short distance opened up to a rubble filled hall to the left, sloping upwards, back the same way. Suddenly the entrance collapsed, rocks tumbling down, and we were trapped. I was really scared, but suggested we had to start lifting rocks, to try to clear the entrance. Then we heard a deep, demonic voice: CLEAR IT. We both thought it was best to obey. I started lifting rocks away at the bottom of the path going up to the entrance, but the other guy was in the big hall instead. I was actually making some headway; a chain reaction caused rocks blocking the opening to fall away. But then I saw that the guy had made his way up the slope of the hall and was leaving through a crack, sort of next to where we had gone in but a little further away.

I made my way out of the mine. Now I heard chanting from a short distance away. I went toward it to investigate. It was a little ways into a forest — "Mr L" and some other people were conducting a demonic ritual. I was on a cliff above them. I can't remember actually peering over the cliff and seeing them.

Next I was on the run through the forest. It was the demonic worshippers following me, but they seemed like people I knew now. The landscape was very steep to one side, down toward the sea. I kept trying to throw myself down the steep hills, to tumble down and quickly escape my pursuers. Although I would surely hurt myself on trees and rocks, I was certain it wouldn't be too bad, and that I'd done it before. But somehow I just wasn't able to do it, the incline wasn't steep enough when I tried so I didn't get anywhere.

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The lion, the witch and the torture

dreamsPosted by Nick 01 Nov, 2011 11:36PM

Another dream from June 2010, the 6th to be precise.

I was at my grandparents' old apartment, and I was in a fight with some kind of witch. She had reduced me to such a bloody mess that I realized it would only get worse if I didn't call truce. So with great humiliation I said that I gave up — she had won. She was very pleased with this. We both knew that this meant I was under the thrall of the witch and she would make my life miserable from then on. What I was most worried about though was what I'd just experienced: extreme physical pain. So I asked her about the regular torments she would put me through — would they generally be more psychological? Yes, she replied, it would be too much effort for her to torture me bodily very often. So, I asked again, it would be more like ruining my life so that I was lonely and devoid of all happiness? She concurred, and I was relieved to hear this. I could imagine weathering such pains, as long as I didn't have to experience the physical agony.

She seemed content with what she had put me through, and we both took steps to go to another room. (We were in the hall.) But then we realized that we were both going to the bathroom. What do you want in there? she asked. I said I had to rinse my mouth out. I had lots of blood and pieces of what I assume were my teeth in my mouth. This gave her an idea for further torture, were she with her magic would really start grinding away at my teeth and the inside of my mouth. I was terrified and regretted bitterly that I'd given her the idea.

The dream gets a little hazy here, but at some point we were in the kitchen. Somehow I managed to strike an offensive blow against the witch. I grabbed her and struck her head against the sink so that her head tore off. She wasn't defeated, but before she could do anything I started tearing her body apart to incapacitate her. Her head was on the floor and she was speaking, but I don't remember what she was saying. I grabbed the head and tore the brain out in the sink, and started rending it to pieces. It seemed important to disable her brain as much as possible. There was no blood during this dismemberment. I think the only liquid was her slimy brain.

At some point the witch was transforming herself into a lion. The body parts on the floor were regrowing and reassembling themselves into a lion's body as I was working on mangling the brain and the head. It was apparent to me that the witch's powers resided in these three parts: the body, the head and the brain, and it was important to keep them separate. During this, I washed my hands in the sink, but also thought that I shouldn't let too many brain-parts get into the sewage system, lest they somehow reassemble out in the wild.

My male cousin was also a slave to the witch, and he was also in the apartment. I called to him to come help, but he was busy in another room doing something with our grandfather. I called again and again, emphasizing the urgency of the situation. I grew more desperate, frustrated and angry for each time I had to holler at him. This is the most important thing you'll ever do in your life! I screamed. And I meant it of course; we could be free from the witch! But I don't remember ever stating explicitly that it concerned the witch. At last my cousin came and saw what I was doing. Well, you have her brain and her head pretty much ruined, he said. He didn't seem that interested. Yeah but look, I said, we can't let her body grow into a lion. The lion looked kind of small at this point, like a big dog, and one hind leg was this tiny stump in the process of growing out.

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Oblivion and theatrics

dreamsPosted by Nick 25 Sep, 2011 05:38PM

This dream is from June 2007:

I was walking around with my brother, who is 13 years younger. in the dream he was little, maybe 7 or 8 years old. We were walking in some sort of forest-garden hybrid; there were small areas with grass and trees enclosed by stone edgings and between them were gravel walkways. The trees were big and old like in a real forest.

We were on our way somewhere to meet the others, but weren't sure of the way. After walking a while we ended up in the same place. I then got a somewhat clearer sense of the area and found out that we were going "that way", a little uphill from where we were. We had stopped and unpacked something from our bags. I started collecting it, but my brother was already taking off up the road. Wait! I shouted, but he continued along. A short distance ahead I saw a curtain descending across the walkway in front of him. I'm not sure of the color of this curtain. It reached out as far as I could see from each side of the road. I now ran after him shouting that he mustn't go behind the curtain, but it was too late; he was already on his way through. (Did he go under, or was there an opening?)

I was very scared for what would happen to him on the other side of the curtain. I reached him just as he disappeared, and I started frantically searching for the way through. I found it at last. (I think there might have been several layers of fabric.) I managed to grab my brother, and in so doing glimpsed the total and complete darkness that existed on the other side. I pulled him back. Appalled I discovered that his skin had changed to an ashen color, like he was covered with gray soot, but it was his skin color. His hair had changed from blonde to black and only a few strands remained on his head. He stood there in front of me shivering, but with an expressionless face. I grabbed him by his shoulders and asked him what was wrong. Nothing, he answered blankly. I searched in my head for the solution. I thought that I would either have to go behind the curtain myself, so that I would end up like him; or try to reach the edge of the curtain on either side, to figure out what had happened to him. These two solutions seemed logical in the dream.

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Acrobatic levitation

dreamsPosted by Nick 25 Sep, 2011 04:53PM
The following is from 12 June 2010:

As is normal I had a lot of flying dreams growing up. That is to say, they were trying-to-fly, jumping-really-high, and falling dreams. Over the years I seem to have improved my flying skills, and for some time I've had more dreams where I actually fly, although I don't have flying dreams that often anymore.

Tonight I had a dream where I was standing in the street talking to some people and they mentioned somebody who could purportedly fly, and they were a little skeptical about this. It's actually not that hard, I said, and willed myself to levitate ten feet straight up in the air. Then I twirled around a little, keeping my body straight. While upside down, I made myself plummet straight down towards the ground. A slight feeling of fear as I neared the pavement, face first. But I stopped just in time, spun around and landed on my feet.

Next I wanted to fly up in the sky, but I hit a vast wooden ceiling instead. I broke through (with some hesitation about ruining the roof). It seemed then I heard from the people on the street that some group had built the ceiling to shut the sky out. Further up I hit another ceiling, and broke through it. I really wanted to reach the sky, but kept hitting wooden ceilings.

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Magical temporal and spatial transportation through technology

dreamsPosted by Nick 22 Sep, 2011 06:20PM

To start off, here's actually a dream I had tonight. It involves revisiting the past via a recording, although I guess it's more visiting than revisiting since it's not my past.

I was watching an anime movie on DVD and turned on the commentary track. Suddenly I found myself in the studio of the guys who were recording the commentary, as they were doing it. We were in some kind of vehicle — most like a boat, because it had a lower cabin and an upper area, both small — but driving on a highway. We were driving next to a magnificent landscape; sea and tall craggy cliffs. The weather was gray, the moist wind was blowing in my face.

The guys, I think there were about three of them, spoke English with slight German accents. I’m not sure if they had done the subtitling or the dubbing of the movie. In any case they told me that the days were over when lesser-known animes like this one were being translated. Only the big productions like Miyazaki movies got released to an international audience.

I wondered about the manner of my being there. Was this my strange experience of reliving the commentary track recorded in the past? I spoke with them — remarked that it seemed like they were German (and commented on my own annoying and unintentional habit of mimicking the English accent of those I speak with) — so it seemed they were communicating with me. I also expressed how real everything felt, the wind in my face.

Later in the dream more people were part of the group. I talked with a woman, still trying to figure out whether every utterance was already “recorded” or if I could influence what was being said. I asked her a specific question, an algebra problem; I think it was “what is 40A + 8A?”. She didn’t know, but did repeat part of the question to herself.

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The start of something

infoPosted by Nick 22 Sep, 2011 06:05PM
Since some of my dreams tend to be weird enough to be interesting, I'll use this blog to post the ones that are – provided I get around to writing them down as they happen.

I have a few dreams written down, mostly from the past couple of years, and one really long one from 1997 that I still can't figure out how I remembered in its entirety. I'll post these dreams first. Newly dreamed dreams I expect will appear here somewhat infrequently.

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