Squirtings from the Space Goose

Squirtings from the Space Goose

Where do dreams come from?

From the subconscious mind, trying to work through the day’s experiences and emotions? From spirits, angels or demons walking among us, attempting to communicate? From humanity’s collective unconscious, yielding ancient symbols and archetypes in new guises? Or from something much more natural, simple and straight forward – like a giant Space Goose, effusing streams of sensory shadow play into our nocturnal minds?

Giant robots at sea

dreamsPosted by Nick 09 May, 2012 09:20AM

A dream from a few days ago, 5 May.

The dream was about workers on big marine robotic vessels. These vessels were not ships, but huge humanoid robots (in that they had arms and legs). They were probably walking on the seabed rather than traveling on the surface. The crew in the dream was working above sea level. It seems I wasn't personally in this dream, but I was there somehow still.

Embarking and disembarking were done by walking along the arms and hands of a robot, which it stretched out to the shore. The last part of walking ashore was atop the fingers, which were so long that it took a few minutes. A robot's fingers were not round (that is, their cross section) but rather polygonal. To create a walkway it held two fingers together, each one forming a slanting side with no level floor in between, crew members having to step on these angled sides.

There was always the danger of a robot deciding it didn't like the crew members and closing the two fingers, crushing the humans. This didn't happen very often, but of course the thought of it took an emotional toll on the crew. A female crew member was contemplating whether feigning illness was a viable way of avoiding going ashore, because this time she feared for her life.

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Girls are more helpful than Swedes

dreamsPosted by Nick 09 May, 2012 08:00AM

I found this dream from 9 June 2011. This is the last of my old dreams except the epic one from 1997. Don't know when I'll get around to doing that one.

I was on my way to class, in a building that was a mix of Manglerud High school and the Vilhelm Bjerknes building at the Blindern university. The walls were made of red bricks. I was ten minutes late. I went up a floor towards the classroom, but at the top of the staircase the door was bricked off; I was startled and almost lost my balance, since there was nowhere to stand between the stairs and the new wall. I then remembered they had been doing renovations.

Back on the ground floor I went to the info desk to find out how I could get to my class. Only Swedes were working there. The guy I asked made a phone call to find out. I grabbed a pen and post-it, and jotted down the directions he repeated on the phone, sort of in code form. He did the same thing, and when he was done, we had the same notes on our post-its, except he had a few codes there from before. He was then going to explain the directions to me, but first he went on to explain his earlier notes, kind of to boast about how clever he was with his little codes. It was just mundane office stuff. I was getting impatient, and glanced at my watch. I was twenty minutes late now.

Somehow the info desk people didn't find out anyway. Annoyed I asked incredulously, So you mean to tell me the info desk at this school can't tell me how to get to a classroom? Well, I'm sure some of the students know, he said, and stopped a girl at random who was walking by. She seemed very friendly and suggested she show me the way there. She said we had to walk to T's office to get to the other floor. (T is a guy from my boardgaming club, who doesn't work at a school as far as I know.)
That's at the other end of the building! I said.
That's right, she said. I can take you there later too if you want.
I thought this was an odd thing to say, I couldn't see why I would need the way shown to me twice.

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Above it all

dreamsPosted by Nick 09 May, 2012 07:16AM

I'm having dreams-within-dreams with increasing frequency, that is to say, dreams wherein I wake up from a dream, often several times. (I think maybe it's caused by thinking about writing down dreams for this blog.)

I was at some party with lots of people. Many things happened, but I only recall fragments, and will skip these events.

I woke up on a bus. C, a friend of mine from before (the same person from the dream of March 16) was also there, and a couple of other people. These had all been to the party. What was that thing anyway? I asked C. I think it was an underskog.no event, he said. Maybe also connected to gaming, since I met a lot of gamers there, someone said. Still I was unsure whether I had really been to that party or if I'd dreamt it.

I think maybe that party was just a dream, I said. We had now left the bus and were walking on a country road. But that would mean this is also a dream, I continued. The others didn't answer. I'll prove it, I said, and walked down to a lake near the road. I planned on doing something outrageous that would only occur in a dream. I was barefoot anyway, so I walked until the water reached my ankles. But as a tank ship passed by quite closely the water seemed dirty somehow, and I had second thoughts.

I thought I'd try something else. The others were now a little ahead of me. I tried to fly, willing myself straight up into the air. It worked, and I flew past them. I looked back and down at the road, the trees around it and the people. It all looked like a plastic film. I reached down and picked up one if the guys, peeling him off the film. I held him between my fingers, a flat plastic, lifeless figure. I dropped him back onto the film, and then flew down and landed on the road. Everything now looked normal again. But the guy was lying on the ground, the others standing over him, and he looked like he was hurt.

I woke up in my old room, in the apartment I had lived with my mother and brother. They were there, and my brother was still a little boy. In this part of the dream I tried to "figure out" what I had dreamt, and also communicate it to my mother somehow. It involved a cell phone or pad like device with a touch screen, and I had great difficulty making it do what I wanted. I don't remember much detail.

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My summer vacation in France (not really)

dreamsPosted by Nick 16 Mar, 2012 03:43AM

Also a dream from tonight.

I was watching a movie or TV program. A scene showed the view from inside a car. A sign on a wall at the side of the road read C doesn’t live here. (C is guy I actually used to know. The sign had his full name, which is quite an unusual name.) I had to figure out this mystery, and so I went to visit the people living around where this was filmed. It was a man and a couple of women, living in a luxurious house with a swimming pool. The man seemed like a movie star or a rock star. It turned out they had put the sign up as some kind of joke, because they had had an encounter with C some time ago. He had come to sell them something, but they weren’t interested. For some reason he had hung around anyway, coming back several times. He had become interested in one of the women, pursuing her. They thought he was kind of pathetic. I was sitting outside by the pool, listening to this story. It was summer. I had a glass of Coke with ice cubes in it. I was trying to read the ice cubes, as they were each shaped like a letter, but it was hard because of the dark color of the liquid and the fact that they were partially melted. What I really wanted to do was rearrange them in some way, so as to use the ice cubes as a search engine to find out more about C and his history with this place.

Some parts of the dream may be missing, but I was now in a big house, with several rooms, halls and hallways. The decor was brown, classy, with leather and dim lights, and there were lots of people. I was walking down the stairs and C’s old girlfriend was walking past me. She didn’t recognize me. I thought that I had to consult my mother about this. (This is probably partially based on reality, since it turned out some time ago that my mother was working with C’s old girlfriend. She had never met her, but I realized it was her from what my mother happened to say about her.)

I went down the stairs to a big hall and to a table where who I thought was my mother was sitting with some other people. The person said that he was in fact F (a friend of mine). I then realized that they just looked alike. (In real life they don’t, and he doesn’t look like a woman nor my mother like a man.) I said to him that of course I knew it was him, because I recognized his voice. F told me that mothers and such were not allowed in with the others, and had to stay in tents outside. It seems that this was some kind of convention. I asked him whether I could grant my mother permission to come inside, but he said that only the management could grant that permission.

I went outside to see her. Since I had no idea where the camp site was, I decided to call her on my cell phone. The place I was leaving was a huge castle, very tall. The word château came to my mind. There was a beautiful landscape all around, hills, clear blue sky, warm weather. Quite a distance behind the castle was another one, stretching up into the sky, its top in a haze. There were no other building in view. I reached my mother on the phone, but it was a bad connection. She told me the name of the place where she was; it was a French sounding name. I had no idea where it was and there was no one around. I was walking down a road, but didn’t know whether it was the right direction. She said it was very cold and lots of snow where she was. A strong gale was blowing on her end, making it difficult to hear what she was saying as she was trying to explain her location. I said that it was odd, because the sky was blue where I was.

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Taking care of Bill

dreamsPosted by Nick 15 Mar, 2012 10:32PM

Dream from tonight.

Bill Murray was standing in front of a mirror. He was pulling something from his eyes, like dead skin covering them. This caused his eyes to turn blood red around the irises. It somehow changed his personality, and he was now vindictively searching for some person to harm him. It was up to me to calm Bill down, and I lead him by the arm, taking him to see his friends. The only one I remember is Martin Short, but there were other actors and comedians too. His eyes turned gradually white again. This dream ended very positively, with Bill and I walking down the street with lots of other celebrities. Quite a few of them had died but were now alive again, which we were all very happy about.

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dreamsPosted by Nick 11 Dec, 2011 04:14PM

The details of this dream are very fuzzy, but what I remember is kind of interesting. This is just the very end of course.

I woke up in my grandfather's room, on a mattress on the floor. (I have slept in my grandfather's room many times but on the fold out sofa, not on the floor.) I got up and tried to recollect my dream, telling it to my grandfather and some other people. There had actually been three different parts to this dream, but apparently they had all involved working on a farm in the old days. My grandfather said that it was good that I got to know a bit about how it was in the old days. But I pointed out that what I dreamt might not actually have been a good representation of reality.

I was also trying to remember names of people in the dream, writing them down on a piece of paper, but couldn't remember all of them. I had five or six written down, none of them names of people I actually know. (I'm pretty sure this was false, since I don't usually dream names of people.)

In one part of the dream I was conveying, I had actually woken up from another dream. I pointed to the mattress where I had just woken up and said that in my dream I had also woken up there. Now it might very well be that I hadn't actually dreamt that I dreamt that I woke up from a dream. Instead maybe I just confused the occurrence of me waking up on the mattress with actually having also dreamt that I did.

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Umbrella logic

dreamsPosted by Nick 11 Dec, 2011 03:51PM

A dream from 11 May 2011.

I was in some kind of battle or contest like a computer game, but feeling very real. It had just been revealed that I was a very powerful kind of something. A medium sized umbrella had just emerged and opened on top of my head or hat, and this umbrella was both a powerful weapon and a means of flight.

But then a bunch of other guys, maybe five or six, revealed that they too were of the same kind. Umbrellas opening they flew towards me, and it was very scary. This was taking place in some kind of school building, with lots of halls and passage ways (as in many of my dreams). I flew towards them and managed to go up towards the ceiling and past them, but they turned around and to my dismay they were faster. The speed in general was not great, barely faster than running. It felt more like hovering than flying.

Suddenly a second group of about the same number appeared before me. I managed to do some evasive maneuvers, and by a force of will I picked up speed and seemed to be losing them. I went around several corners. In desperation and fear that they would suddenly catch up I thought to go somewhere unexpected without them seeing. I flew into a class room, and realized the only way out was through a window. I opened one as quickly as I could, hoping it wouldn't be locked. It wasn't and I fell, then hovered, toward the ground, the window being several stories up. I went around a corner outside, and then weighed the possibilities: Getting away from the school towards some buildings and trees, with the possibility of the others seeing me fleeing through a window. Or hunkering down in a small spot I'd just noticed. I did the latter. It was behind a low wall, between the building and a trash can.

I remember thinking about the apartment building I'd looked at, the trees, the school, the very real smell of the trash can and the physical feeling of where I was. Knowing then that it was a dream, I thought about all the other times I'd had dreams of places that seemed very real and then waking up wondering if I was indeed channeling into my dream a real place where I'd never been in waking life. (In reality I have never wondered this while awake, but in this dream that's what I thought.) I thought that this time I had to gather some clues about this place, so that when I woke up I could try to find out where it was, and whether it was indeed a real place.

Then I woke up.

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Gimme that old time Stygian

dreamsPosted by Nick 19 Nov, 2011 03:31PM
I dreamt a lot tonight, but only two distinct parts of the dream I remember well.

I was in a gloomy cellar. It seems I was there willingly. There were three doors, each one a doorway to Hell, very reminiscent of Clive Barker's Hellraiser (although these doors seemed to be there all the time). Like in Hellraiser, there were labyrinthine corridors on the other side. I can't remember being afraid.

The hallways to which the three doors lead all connected on the other side, so it didn't seem like it made a difference which of the doors one went through.

But at one point it became apparent that the middle door had to be opened. The door, or perhaps Hell itself, made this clear by turning the door invisible so that we (or I?) could see it leading down a corridor to another door. The middle door then was like a screen, zooming in on the other door, even zooming so far that this other door appeared bigger than natural and one could only see a part of it. Then the view panned down to the handle of that door, which was pink and rubbery and shaped like a smooth erect penis. (I associated this with the sexual depravity of Hellraiser, the whole pain/pleasure thing.)

The later part of the dream was quite different. It's strange to me now writing down these two passages, because they seem so related. But when I woke up, the connections didn't occur to me, they were just the two parts of the dream I remembered best.

I was on an open-air plaza of a gigantic structure, some sort of temple. It was daylight. There were two big buildings, one to each side, sort of like mosques. I think we were high above sea level, maybe on a mountain. Everything was of stone, seeming like sandstone.

A priest was there, my superior or someone of authority. We were to perform a ritual, maybe a summoning. Between us was a casket, maybe a little smaller than a human sized coffin. It was quite plain looking, maybe wooden, with a perfectly rounded lid. What was in it was of some importance, but I don't think I knew what it was, and maybe the revelation of the contents was part of the ritual.

It's not clear what we did as part of the ritual, but for each step, we somehow went higher up on a tower. Either the tower was already there, but I couldn't see anything higher up than the level I was on, or the tower appeared one level at a time. Each level was different, but made of stone.

When we were very high up, there was another casket there, exactly like the first one but much bigger. The priest and I were standing on each side of it. I'm not sure where the first one was now, but I think we had it with us the whole time. The level we were on consisted of not much else than this casket, in any event nothing to stand on except the floor directly underneath the casket — so we had to stand on our toes, tucking them under the casket, where there was a crack because of its four feet. I was deathly afraid to fall down; behind me there was no support, just a plunge hundreds of feet down.

I noticed then that we weren't on the very top of the tower. There was something even above us — a huge cross, or maybe even a crucifix or Christ figure.

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